This website has been so many things over the years… I bought this domain name back in 2014. I had always been wanting to publish my short novels somewhere and I thought it would be a GREAT idea to let anyone (who types my name on their favorite Search Engine) know about them.

It then became – in no order I can remember – a food blog, a travel blog, a lifestyle blog, my diary, a professional blog, back to the short novels and it ended up being a mix of all those things until I decided it was enough. So I just left it empty.

I turned 30 last year. It hurts a little, ’cause I honestly thought I’d be young forever, rocking that 20 year-old swag, firm fresh skin and sweet chocolate-man body. But I now realize that I’ve been a professional in the digital world for 10 years and have literally nothing to show for it. Except my paycheck.

I mean, I’ve owned websites. That’s what an SEO does. When we’re not helping out a client rank #1 on Search Engine Result Pages for “cheap [insert choice drug]”, we’re doing it for our damn selves for (ideally) tight nice niches that generate some serious gravy. I’ve had those websites, but the gravy looked more like a light salad on the side. The point is I’ve never invested enough time or motivation into a website to be sufficiently proud to keep it running and make something serious out of it (i.e. not run Adsense, not douse it in affiliate links, not try to sell backlinks to every other person or simply not let it die).

So two years ago, my girlfriend started talking to me about zero waste and how trendy it was on her social media feeds. Conveniently, I was looking for an idea. It didn’t have too much pull in France (not so much that it would be too competitive in terms of SEO) but was also trending in English-speaking countries and Germany (which means that it would get to France in the next 6 to 12 months) so that was perfect. I had been running my mouth about the environment a lot too and doing absolutely 0 things about it so it was also my opportunity to pu my money where my mouth was.

So I looked up what it was, what the whole thing was about and just started writing blog posts giving advice on how to join the movement, make your own dishwasher soap, clean out your room, buy refurbished phones or whatever and… it worked. That website got a lot of traction, so I decided to set up a Facebook page that worked too, for as long as I kept feeding it.

I ended up leaving it on standby, but I’m back. I really want to do something about that website and also run a couple of others, but this time I want to do something useful with my SEO skills (as opposed to a website about Burger Kings in France, rattan garden furniture, baby products affiliation and other joyous things). You’ll find my projects on the right sidebar, if you’re interested (and if you can read French – for most of them – ).

What’s THIS blog about then?

I’ve been wanting to write about SEO for a while. But I didn’t want to be another SEO blog repeating the same info with a slight change in prose. Imma do something different. So i’m going to be making some SEO brain-juice. Philosophin’ about the whole thing. And I’m pretty excited about it. More soon.

I’m also going to write about the good and the bad in my side hustles, how I try to keep em’ going and how they work out. It’s therapeutic for me, it also helps me put things in perspective and make the right decisions.

We’re gonna be talking about time off, too. There is dangerously close to less than a 1% chance I’ll be on a lost paradise island in the Pacific. This is not what these are going to be about. I won’t be posting photos of my travels (not too many anyway) and want to be focusing on the thoughts my time off germinated in my head.

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